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The main facility in the laboratory is the anechoic room. The room size is 4 m x 5 m  and it allows measurements between 2 GHz and 26.5 GHz. The room hosts a two-axis positioner by Orbit FR, which allows to scan the full 3D sphere surrounding the antenna under test. The positioner is remotely controlled through a PC software provided my MI Technologies. To perform absolute gain measurements, a set of standard gain horn antennas is available. The data are collected through a Vector Network Analyzer, which can also be remotely controlled. The room is also suitable for customized experiments that do not require an antenna positioner.

A microscope station is used for quality control of custom built PCB antennas.

The laboratory has instrumentation to perform various types of measurements up to 26.5 GHz and has the possibility to extend the frequency range in the 70 GHz band. In addition, the laboratory has instrumentation to perform measurements on a 4 x 4 MIMO system.

The lab has available licenses of ADS, FEKO and HFSS to perform EM simulations.